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Hey Loser! Have You Shown Up For Your Life Today?

Showing up. Did you do it today? There are so many people I see that fail to show up for their own lives. It seems to me that they are hoping that someone will come in and live their lives for them.

You know the type. Dreamers. Wishers. Hopers and Wanters. But never doers. Today people can do almost anything? You want to know how to make a soufflé or a bomb? You can find the information online. You want to go to law school but don’t have the cash? Start an online crowd funding campaign and prove your worth. Got a great idea? Start a website and do a free online marketing course.

A note on free online education

There are now thousands of free online courses you can do from very reputable companies. These are called MOOCs – Massive Online Open Courses. They may sound like a joke, but they are not. Harvard, MIT and many other very reputable institutions are giving you the chance to study hundreds of courses online, for no cost.

Ok I can tell that there may be some people out there who don’t believe me. Just take a look at the edX site. See for yourself. Yes, it’s true.

Woody Allen famously quipped, “80% of life is showing up.”

Another author I found said, “The trickiest part of starting a habit is the first step. If you’ve got that handled, the rest usually flows smoothly. This is easy to understand intuitively. Exercising is mostly about that first step into the gym. Writing is mostly about opening up that blank page. Overcoming procrastination is mostly about the first five minutes of work.” Thanks, Scott Young. He wrote very bravely about how to change pesky, unhelpful habits.

So what the hell aren’t you showing up for? And why the hell aren’t you showing up for it?

This can happen in almost any area of life – you see those couples who sit opposite each other at a great cafe on a sunny day, and rather than speak to each other they are both on their iphones. People can find themselves in relationships where their partner has become totally disengaged. This can also happen in the workplace – you start to feel on the outer, that others are no longer engaging with you.

What’s wrong with you?

People are lazy. We have to preserve our energy. But if we stop moving, we stagnate and die. It’s true. If you are stuck about what to do – fucking do something. I never swear on this blog – so please take note. I am not trying to be mean.

Don’t be afraid of doing the wrong thing. In life – the wrong thing can usually be corrected, and if it can’t there’s normally another solution, or the problem isn’t that big.

I can guarantee you one thing right now.

You are going to make lots more mistakes. You are going to have lots of disappointments.

OK, OK, don’t get mad. I didn’t make the rules! If I told you that everything was going to be fine from now on – this wouldn’t be real life, this would be a Disney movie or a Jonathon Cainer horoscope.

So – show up. Make mistakes. Be bold. Be brave. Just don’t do nothing.


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