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How to Tell Your Fortune with Playing Cards

Did you know that playing cards have meanings that can be interpreted and divined?

I often find playing cards lying on the ground. Not often often, but often enough – once every few weeks or months I come across one and I always make sure I pick it up.

Today I found the 5 of Hearts lying on the concrete outside a shop, soggy from the rain that had been pelting down. I was quite amazed when I read the meaning of this card:

“Feeling of dissatisfaction with your current relationships or home situation. Low side: divorce, separation, trip and moving to a new home. High side: meeting new people, new important contacts.”

Last night I had the most awful fight with my partner, and the discussion of him moving out was very much “on the cards”. So to come across this card today, was a real eye-opener.

The art of divining meaning through playing cards is called Cartomancy. Playing cards have been around for a long while, since the 14th century in Europe.

Some interesting meanings of cards:

  • Ace of Spades: “The ace in the spade suit; sometimes taken as a portent of death.”
  • Queen of Diamonds: “The Queen of Diamonds can represent a garish, flirtatious woman who manipulates men for her own ends, and then tosses them aside when they no longer serve her needs.  In a love triangle, the Queen of Diamonds often represents the other woman.”
  • 4 of Clubs: “Concentrated mental work”.

If and when you find a playing card, stop and find out what the meaning is. I even tend to save them, scribbling the date and meaning on a post-it note on the back of the card.

Here are some great sites for you to check out on the subject:

Do Your Own Reading:

You can always do a reading for yourself, by picking a random card out of the deck. One I also like to do is a past, present , future reading where you choose three cards: one showing your past, one your present, one your future.

You can go into more complex spreads (see the Serena Powers site) if you like, as with Tarot.

Whether you believe in this stuff is not really that important, but if you find a random card lying in the street – pick it up. It may have a message for you.


2 thoughts on “How to Tell Your Fortune with Playing Cards

  1. This is fascinating, truly fascinating.

    I bought myself a set of Tarot cards and have only dealt them once. The reason not twice is because I saw ANOTHER web site telling me ANOTHER way, which only had me question the original way… so is there only one way?

    This though, this is not Tarot, and seems pretty clear. This is heaps interesting, Alyce.

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