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Quick Tips: How to Make Your Blog 100% More Readable

You’ve got a great blog. You just want people to read it – but are you making it easy for them? I’ve consulted multiple blog sites to gather the top tips to make your blog more readable. Check this quick list for things you can include TODAY to make your blog posts more reader-friendly.

Make your blog scannable
Yes, it’s true. Most people won’t read your whole post – they will merely scan it for interesting information. So you need to make sure your blog is easily scannable, separating your text into easily digestible chunks of information.

Don’t use fancy fonts – use serifs for normal text
You may think that a fancy font makes your blog stand out more, but apparently this is not the way to go. For normal text, serifs are easiest to read – serifs are the little lines tailing from the edge of a letter. Times New Roman uses serifs, Arial does not.

Make use of bullets and numbered lists
Lists! Blog readers love lists and bullet points! Know how to use them. Whatever you do, you need to make your lists consistent. Don’t mix bullets and numbers in the same list, opt for letters instead. Capitalise the first word in each list, don’t punctuate at the end of lists and use forward slashes or commas to separate lists of words on a list line.

Use headings and sub headings
This is important. You should use sub headings where you can so that it’s easier for people to scan your posts without reading the whole text.

Include facts and other sources
As much as you know, it’s imperative to include other sources where you can. Make sure these sources are reputable and include links to studies, stats or publications where you can.

Don’t make common grammatical errors
Get it right. If you don’t know how to use its/it’s, your/you’re, their/they’re/there then get googling. Mistakes like these make you look stoopid. Please note alot is not a word. IT’S NOT A WORD!

Make use of great titles
Creative and interesting topics maketh a great blog. Plus they make people want to click on your heading. The best way to get good at headings is to read other blogs and see what types of headings grab your attention. In general, readers want something they can take away from the blog post – your title needs to summarise what this is.

Don’t make posts over 800 words long
This is one I am definitely guilty of not obeying. Your blog is not the place for very long articles. If something is really long, then consider making it into two snappier posts.

Highlight and bold key terms
This also makes your blog easier to scan. Lots of WordPress blogs don’t have this function on the free themes, but if you upgrade, then this function can be easier.

Make use of great introductory text
This is particularly relevant if you are posting to facebook for example. You need to make sure the first two or three lines of your post grab the reader’s attention and summarise what your post is all about.

So that’s it! Now get back to your blog and write about that way-cool thing you needed to let us know all about!

Cheers  Alyce


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