Great Uncle Mick: is Skinny but Eats Like a Horse

Great Uncle Mick

Is very skinny but eats like a horse

He likes his food served very hot

And he hates sitting in a draft, in case it gets cold


He likes a schooner of Tooheys Old

before he eats

Swirling the last mouthful in the glass

Before drinking it down


He told me today

Tempus Fugit

As the Romans said

“Do you know what that means?”


“I used to,” I say

But I have forgotten now

“Time Flies,” he says simply

Time flies.


It’s got me thinking

About tomorrow

And it makes me sad

And scared for the future, my choices


I’ll see him at Christmas

And the one after that

And again the next year

I hope.

Photo by e y e s e e


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